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TPCL Internship Program

The Plenipotent Company's Virtual Internship Program is a comprehensive and all-inclusive platform designed to prepare candidates for workplace and enterprise readiness. The program is open to undergraduates, recent graduates and STARs.

STARs is a coinage that describes people who may not have formal degrees but are Skilled Through Alternative Routes. Despite the fact that STARs often possess proven skills that are valuable to employers, these skilled workers are usually screened out of mainstream recruitment processes.

We believe that this is not ideal even though it is common practice. So we are turning the situation around by promoting a competency-based approach that harnesses this pool of untapped talent while affording skilled workers equal opportunity for decent remuneration and career advancement.

In light of the foregoing, we designed the Virtual Internship Program to expand and ultimately replace our Graduate Apprenticeship Program. The program is free for all candidates who meet the eligibility requirements and are ready to fulfil the expectations.


Eligibility Requirements

1. Have an open mind and a teachable spirit

a. Be willing to discard old ways of thinking and adopt new perspectives.

b. Eager to acquire and apply relevant knowledge and skills by reading recommended books, taking prescribed courses and implementing insights with speed.

c. Follow prescribed procedures and standards of excellence, appreciate correction and accept criticism as an opportunity for improvement.

d. Provide useful feedback for personal development and process improvement.

2. Always think and act like a leader and an entrepreneur

a. Have an intense aversion for excuses and a strong affinity for diligence and excellence.

b. Seek to complete assigned tasks in such a way that there's little or nothing to add or remove.

c. Know how to leverage intangible assets like time, words, physical and mental energy, spiritual power, compassion and mutually beneficial relationships to create tangible outcomes.

d. Possess high energy, flexibility, creativity and resourcefulness.

e. Demonstrate a high level of intrinsic motivation, ownership and personal responsibility.

3. Be able to speak and write good English

a. If you don't know the difference between 'seize' and 'cease' or 'I'm' and 'am' please don't bother to read further.

b. If you confuse 'they're', 'their' and 'there', first take lessons in spelling and grammar and run a personal blog for three months then come back and express your interest.

c. If you are yet to master basic rules like subject-verb agreement or if you are in the habit of writing 'HBD WULLNP' when sending a goodwill message on someone's birthday, please watch out for another opportunity. This one is not for you.

4. Resist the paradigm of working for money and embrace the attitude of working to learn

a. The internship program gives you free access to our business training, tools and resources that would ordinarily require an investment of over 300,000 naira.

b. You will be required to complete assigned tasks and actively participate in the business development process, thus allowing you to hone your skills and gain hands-on experience.

c. Be prepared to demonstrate resourcefulness and take responsibility for your personal learning requirements, especially power and internet access.

Learning with us is very demanding but it is equally rewarding for everyone who chooses to invest in the process. Among other things, we will see to it that successful candidates are provided with opportunities, skills and practical training to help them earn self-sufficient income, land a dream job or launch a profitable enterprise within six months.

We have a flexible work arrangement. So successful candidates can effectively combine the internship program with their personal projects. You will work remotely for the most part, reporting physically only as occasion demands.


General Information and Expectations

1. The program will last for six months after which participants may decide to join our team or explore other interests.

2. Interns will be given free access to our premium online trainings on entrepreneurship and digital skills throughout the period of the program.

Click here for an overview of the orientation course and the included training programs.

3. Interns will be required to implement what they learn by completing assigned tasks in a timely and effective manner.

4. Interns will receive regular feedback on their performance through weekly and monthly assessments.

5. Assessment will be based on clearly defined indices which are covered in the weekly and monthly report templates. At the end of every month, candidates must have fulfilled the minimum requirements to proceed with the program. 

6. For the first three months, interns will earn a commission on every project they win. After the first three months, they will receive a regular stipend in accordance with the volume of work assigned.

7. Candidates that satisfactorily complete the six-month program will have the opportunity to join our team and be enrolled in our standard remuneration plan.

Since this is predominantly an online program, interns are free to pursue other interests. However, each candidate must demonstrate a significant degree of commitment to guarantee desired results for both parties.



The following feedback from past participants will give you more insights into what you can expect from the program.

The internship exposed me to hands-on practical experience of how to start a successful online business and make money without compromising value. The experience was transformational and mind-shifting. 


I loved the flexible work hours and the fact that I could plan my time by myself. It made me able to juggle all the responsibilities I had effectively..

– Tochukwu

Asides from learning skills such as writing, website development, content creation and more; I have also learnt ways to sell myself, win projects and ultimately create opportunities from the skills I have acquired. I am more cautious, pay attention to detail and conduct myself in a more professional manner. 
– Remi

I enjoyed the fact that the program was very educative and I got to know more people. It was a great time of my life. A life changing decision.

How to Apply

If you meet the aforementioned requirements and you're happy to fulfil the expectations, please click 'APPLY' below to complete our application form.